Poster presentation on ICMMA 2020

    Poster Guidelines

    Application for Poster Presentation

    We are recruiting poster presentations widely by young researchers such as graduate students and postdoc researchers. Please apply as follows:



    ● Please fill in the requested items on the registration form.
    Deadline: 15th of March



    Deadline: 15th of March
    ● Resubmissions will be accepted until 22nd of March on the same submission form.

    Information of the Poster Presentation

    1 Please prepare 
      [ 5 slides (landscape A4 size) ]
    On 1st slide (Cover), please describe briefly your self-introduction, motivation for research, and rough positioning following the example.


    2 Please prepare the slides in PDF format under 10MB. Please contact the executive committee if it is over 10MB.

    3 You can post the slides from the submission form above, but you need to log in to your google account to access the form. If you cannot log in to your google account, please send the slide to
    by email with
      ・your name
      ・affiliation & title
      ・email address
    in the text.

    4 Please submit the poster (5 slides) till 15th of March. However it can be modified additionally till 22th. They can be browsed on the web where only participants can visit.

    5 SpatialChat or ZOOM Breakout Room will be used for online soft, which will be decided by the number of applications. It will be announced on the 8th of March.