Poster Award of ICMMA 2014

    Poster Award

    At the poster presentation, 35 excellent posters were presented.
    Out of 25 posters being reviewed by the organizers, the following posters were awarded.

    Best Poster Award

    "Activity Statistics of Foraging Ants--- A New Approach Using Tiny Devices"
    Osamu Yamanaka (Hiroshima Univ.),
    Rito Takeuchi (Hiroshima Univ.),
    Akinori Awazu (Hiroshima Univ.),
    Hiraku Nishimori (Hiroshima Univ.)

    Poster Award

    "Flight kinematic of pigeons for different situations"
    Makoto Yomosa (Osaka Prefecture Univ.),
    Tsuyoshi Mizuguchi (Osaka Prefecture Univ.),
    Mate Nagy (Eotvos Univ.),
    Gabor Basarhelyi (Eotvos Univ.)

    "Homogenization and Traveling Wave Analysis of a Three-component Smoldering
    Combustion Model under Microgravity"
    Ekeoma Rowland Ijioma (Meiji University, CMMA)

    Incentive Award for Poster Presentation

    "Optimal information for maximizing flow in a forked exclusion model"
    Takeaki Imai (The Univ. of Tokyo),
    Katsuhiro Nishinari (The Univ. of Tokyo)

    "Pattern formation of Microtubules"
    Sakurako Tanida (The Univ. of Tokyo),
    Ken'ya Furuta (NICT),
    Kaori Nishikawa (The Univ. of Tokyo),
    Hiroaki Kojoma (NICT),
    Masaki Sano (The Univ. of Tokyo)