MIMS International Conference

    MIMS International Conference on
    "Reaction-diffusion system,
    theory and applications"


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    MIMS International Conference on
    "Reaction-diffusion system, theory and applications":
    Organizer Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS),
    Center for Mathematical Modeling and Applications(CMMA) Meiji University
    Date March 17th (Fri.)– 19th (Sun.), 2017
    Place March 17, 18 : Nakano Campus, Meiji University
    March 19 : Surugadai Campus, Meiji University
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    Registration Deadline
     For attending the conference: February 28th (Tue.), 2017



    Registration fee: free

    Please register in advance for the sake of convenience of our preparation.
    Banquet and Retirement Party for
    Professor Masayasu Mimura will be held on March 18th (Sat.) :
         6,000 Japanese-yen for general attendants
         3,000 Japanese-yen for students
    Please pay the banquet fee by Japanese-yen at the banquet site.


    Date : March 17 (Fri.) – 19 (Sun.), 2017
     March 17, 18/ Nakano Campus, Meiji University
     March 19/ Surugadai Campus, Meiji University

    March 17/
    Nakano Campus
    Michiel Bertsch (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)

    "A mathematical model for Alzheimer's disease"

    Hiroshi Matano (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Henri Berestycki (EHESS, France)
    Tohru Tsujikawa (University of Miyazaki, Japan)

    "Global bifurcation and continuation for a nonlocal Allen-Cahn equation"

    Jong-Shenq Guo (Tamkang University, Taiwan)

    "The sign of traveling wave speed in bistable dynamics"

    March 18/
    Nakano Campus
    Yasumasa Nishiura (Tohoku University, Japan)
    Eiji Yanagida (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
    Shin-Ichiro Ei (Hokkaido University, Japan)
     Group Photo
    Chiun-Chuan Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

    "Wave solutions of the Lotka-Volterra competition-diffusion system"

    Masaharu Nagayama (Hokkaido University, Japan)
    Shigetoshi Yazaki (Meiji University, Japan)
    Elliott Ginder (Hokkaido University, Japan)

    "A line mass approach to some active matter systems"

    Banquet and Retirement Party for
    Professor Masayasu Mimura

      ・6,000 Japanese-yen for general attendants
      ・3,000 Japanese-yen for students

    March 19/
    Surugadai Campus
    Danielle Hilhorst (University of Paris-Sud, France)
    Tadahisa Funaki (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Alberto Tesei (University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy)

    Organizing Committee :

    Shin-Ichiro Ei (Hokkaido University)
    Yukio Kan-on (Ehime University)
    Masataka Kuwamura (Kobe University)
    Masaharu Nagayama (Hokkaido University)
    Tohru Tsujikawa (Miyazaki University)
    Tomoyuki Miyaji (Meiji University)
    Toshiyuki Ogawa (Meiji University)
    Daishin Ueyama (Meiji University)

    Transportation to
    Meiji University, Nakano campus

    4-21-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan 164-8525
    From Nakano Station to Meiji University

    nakano map

     The nearest JR station to Meiji University, Nakano campus is Nakano. It takes 8minutes on foot from JR Chuo/Sobu, and Subway Tozai Line, Nakano Station. Please go out from North Exit of Nakano Station.

    From Haneda Airport to Nakano Station
    • Haneda Airport (羽田空港) -- Monorail --> Hamamatsucho (浜松町)
    • Hamamatsucho (浜松町) -- JR line --> Kanda (神田)
    • Kanda (神田)-- JR line --> Nakano (中野)
    Line : Tokyo -Monorail : approx. 20min. 470 yen
    Haneda Airport International Terminal (Monorail) --> Hamamatsucho
    Line : JR Keihintohoku : approx. 10 min. 290 yen
    Hamamatsucho --> Kanda
    Line : JR Chuo Line : approx. 16 min. for Rapid Train
    Kanda --> Nakano

    From Narita Airport to Nakano Station
    • Narita Airport (成田空港) -- JR Narita-Express --> Shinjuku (新宿)
    • Shinjuku (新宿) -- JR line --> Nakano (中野)
    Line : JR Narita-Express : approx. 90 min. 3310 yen
    Narita Airport --> Shinjuku
    Line: JR Chuo Line: approx. 5 min. for Rapid, 10 min. for Local
    Shinjuku --> Nakano
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    Line map

    Please contact us for further information:
    icmma.mims.meiji[at]gmail.com ([at] to @)