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Sep. 20The web page for ICMMA2017, was opened.
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ICMMA2017: Information
"International Conference on
Mathematical Modeling and Applications Based on Self-Organization"
Goal The goal of the conference is to organize invited talks given by leading researchers from the field of mathematical modeling and applications related to a wide range of real world phenomena. Emphasis is placed on self-organization, which is a keyword that is now prevailing in a variety of areas from biology and neural networks to social and economic systems. This conference will thus provide opportunities for researchers to exchange ideas and establish new directions for future research.
Organizers Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS),
Research Branding Project “Meiji University Doing Mathematical Sciences”
Date December 11-13, 2017
 (Poster presentations will be held on December 12)
Place Room 603, 6F High-Rise Wing, Nakano Campus, Meiji University
4-21-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8525

Transportation to Meiji University

Campus Map

Schedule December 11 (Monday), invited talks (room 603)
December 12 (Tuesday),
   invited talks (room 603),
   poster session (open space of the 6th floor),
   banquet (open space of the 6th floor)
December 13 (Wednesday), invited talks (room 603)
※Registration is required.

Please click the "Registration" button to open the registration form.
Registration Deadline
 Please register by November 30 (Thu.), 2017.


Registration fee: free

Please register in advance for the sake of convenience of our preparation.
Banquet will be held on December 12 (Tue.) :
     6,000 Japanese-yen for general attendants
     3,000 Japanese-yen for students
Please pay the banquet fee by Japanese-yen at the banquet site.
Registration Deadline
 Please register by November 30 (Thu.), 2017.
*Poster Presentation:

Please read the "Poster Guideline" details here.

Poster awards will be presented to outstanding poster presentations. The award winners will be invited to the banquet in the evening of the day of the poster session.


Date : December 11 (Mon.) – 13 (Wed.), 2017
Place: Meiji University Nakano Campus,
    Room 603, 6F High-Rise Wing
Invited Speakers

    Recipient of the "Order of Culture"
    (Institute of Advanced Studies, Kyushu University, Japan)

  Do Sung HUH (Inje University, Korea)

  Naoki KATOH (Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan)

  Deok-Soo KIM (Hanyang University, Korea)

  Hiroshi MATANO (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

  Akio NAKAHARA (Nihon University, Japan)

  Masatsugu SHIMOMURA (Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

  Robert Michael SINCLAIR (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

  Arzu Gonenc SORGUC (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

  Hideki TAKAYASU (Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Japan)

  Daishin UEYAMA (Musashino University, Japan)

And more.

Organizing Committee of ICMMA2017
Chair:Kokichi Sugihara
Vice Chair:Tomohiko Yamaguchi

Elliott Ginder
Ichiro Hagiwara
Kota Ikeda
Yumihiko Ikura
Masayasu Mimura
Tomoyuki Miyaji
Masaki Moriguchi
Kazuyuki Nakamura
Nobuhiko J. Suematsu
Toshikazu Sunada

Transportation to
Meiji University, Nakano campus

4-21-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan 164-8525
From Nakano Station to Meiji University

nakano map

 The nearest JR train station to Meiji University, Nakano campus is Nakano Station. It takes approximately 8 minutes on foot from Nakano Station to campus. Please exit from the North Exit of Nakano Station.

From Haneda Airport to Nakano Station

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  • Haneda Airport (羽田空港) -- [Monorail] --> Hamamatsucho (浜松町)
  • Hamamatsucho (浜松町) -- [JR line] --> Kanda (神田)
  • Kanda (神田)-- [JR line] --> Nakano (中野)


Line : Tokyo -Monorail : approx. 20min. 470 yen
Haneda Airport International Terminal (Monorail) --> Hamamatsucho
Line : JR Keihintohoku : approx. 10 min. 290 yen
Hamamatsucho --> Kanda
Line : JR Chuo Line : approx. 16 min. for Rapid Train
Kanda --> Nakano
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  • Shinjuku (新宿) -- [JR line] --> Nakano (中野)


Line : JR Narita-Express : approx. 90 min. 3310 yen
Narita Airport --> Shinjuku
Line: JR Chuo Line: approx. 5 min. for Rapid, 10 min. for Local
Shinjuku --> Nakano
Route map

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Please contact us for further information:
icmma.mims.meiji[at] ([at] to @)